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 NcloudCommon cloud namespace
 Cage_detectionDetect age range of person in an image
 Casio_handlerASIO socket controller of boost asio socket type T
 Casio_httpASIO socket controller asynchronous http websockets used for cloud service calls
 Casio_httpsASIO socket controller for TLS (encrypred) cloud service calls
 Cavailable_servicesRequests available services from platform
 CcallableClass which wraps around a cloud call, its socket, buffer and callback
 Ccloud_baseCloud service base class
 Ccloud_batchCloud service batch class
 Cdefault_error_handlerDefault error handler will output on stderr
 Cdelete_mapDelete a map saved in the platform
 CdeserializeDeserialize a json string to noos::object::* this struct uses template specialisation for each service_type and return_type pair the template parameter service_type is a cloud class the template parameter return_type is the data (object) returned
 Cface_detectionDetect faces in the image
 Cface_expressionRecognise facial expressions from a person's image
 Cface_recognitionRecognise faces
 Cgender_detectionDetect gender of person in an image
 Cget_mapGet the image of the map name asked for
 Chttp_headerClass encapsulates the HTTP Header 1.1 standard
 Chttp_postUse to store and pass POST data and realted info
 Chttp_requestNooser for the classes http_header &http_post used for cloud requests
 Chttp_responseClass for taking the body of the streambuf , in other case it will return an error
 Chuman_detectionDetect humans in an image
 Cicp_slamSend laser/pointcloud data to create a map
 Cobject_recognitionRecognize object from an image
 Corb_add_modelLearn object gives by the user
 Corb_del_modelClears operational memory for selected user
 Corb_queryUser can provide query image to detect objects
 Cpath_planningCalculate a path between two points given
 CplatformData of the platform where you are going to connect
 Cprotocol_errorsShow the specific error due to a protocol error
 Cqr_recognitionService request to detect QR codes
 Crbpf_slamSend laser/pointcloud data to create a map
 CtiedTied is a convenience pair struct for object + functors used by vision_batch
 Cupload_mapUpload a map to the platform
 Cupload_slam_config_fileUpload a config file with slam parameters to the platform
 Cvision_baseBase class for vision cloud classes - used mostly for static assertions
 NobjectCommon object namespace
 CaudioClass which wraps around raw bytes of an audiofile
 Cconfig_fileClass which convert a file into a std::string
 CfaceDescribes a face coordinate (cartesian)
 ChumanDescribes human coordinates
 ClaserDescribes a laser scan data
 CodometryDescribes the increment of the odometry
 CorientationEncapsulate euler angles (roll, pitch, yaw)
 CpersonDescribes a face coordinate, the label and the confidence of the result
 CpictureClass which wraps around raw bytes of a picture
 CpointEncapsulate point position vector
 Cpoint2dEncapsulate point of 2 dimensions (x, y)
 CposeEncapsulates position and orientation
 Cpose2dEncapsulate point of 2 dimensions (x, y) with an angle
 Cqr_codeClass which should encapsulate a QR code
 CtimeWraps around a time-stamp (UNIX Epoch)